Bowen Island Municipality believes that all residents have the right to participate in leisure activities, and that participation results in a stronger, healthier community.  Further, residents should not be denied access to recreation services directly provided by the Municipality due to inability to pay full costs.

This policy is to assist Bowen Island residents in financial need to participate in recreation programs offered through Bowen Island Municipality.

A resident is defined as an individual who lives on Bowen Island year round, or owns property on Bowen Island.


1.     Determining Need

Financially assisted registrants will not receive priority registration.  Registration spaces are allotted on a “first come, first served” basis for all residents under the following terms and conditions:

a)    Individuals can request financial assistance by speaking with any Recreation staff.
b)    The Recreation Programmer may opt to pre-register financially assisted individuals where necessary.
c)    Recreation staff will determine the amount of financial assistance.
d)    The amount will be determined at the time of application and recorded as “financial assistance” on the registration receipt.
e)    There will be a limit of a maximum of two participants on subsidy per program.

2.    Financial Assistance Amount

The amount of financial assistance available for participants in need is up to $100 per family per session (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall).

a)    Applicants may request up to 100% assistance for Children and Youth programs.
b)    Applicants may request up to 50% assistance for Adult program.
c)    The amount can be applied to any eligible program.
d)    The amount may be used for more than one program and more than one person in the family.  Program withdrawals and transfers will not be refunded for cash or credit.
e)    The amount must be used at the time of need and cannot be carried over to the next season or exchanged for cash.
f)    Recreation staff will track the amount of financial assistance given to families on their Recreation account.

3.    Budget and Instructor Payment

There is a maximum amount of financial assistance available in the Bowen Island Municipal annual budget.  Financial assistance will not exceed this amount in a calendar year.

Where instructors are paid on a percentage split basis, they will receive payment for financially assisted registrants based on a full percentage split.



The purpose of this policy is to recover administration costs associated with processing refunds for Community Recreation programs.


1.     Program Cancellation
A full refund will be issued for classes cancelled by Community Recreation (pro-rated if into the session).  No administration fee will apply.

2.    Requests for Refunds
a)     A program and daycamp refund will be issued if received a minimum of five (5) business days prior to the start of the program.  The administration fee will apply.

b)    A pro-rated refund will be issued if the withdrawal occurs two (2) business days prior to the second class.  No refunds will be issued after that time except for medical reasons.  The administration fee will apply.

c)     Pro-rated medical refunds will be issued with a doctor’s note.  The administration fee will apply.

3.    Administration Fee
A 10% or $25 administration fee, whichever is less, will apply to the pro-rated amount for all refunds.  Refunds will be issued by credit to account for future use or by mailed cheque.  


The purpose of this policy is to set out the terms and conditions for advertising, signage and information display within Bowen Island Community Recreation-operated facilities and in official publications.
1. Advertising
Bowen Island Community Recreation (BICR) shall permit advertising within BICR -operated facilities and in official publications under the following terms and conditions:
a) Advertising within BICR-operated facilities and publications may be permitted in exchange for cash, goods or services. Any goods or services received in exchange for advertising must be of equal or greater value than that of the advertising and shall be of direct benefit to BICR.
b) Not-for-profit organizations may request to have their community promotion and advertising materials posted on dedicated community bulletin boards and/or displayed in BICR facilities at no charge, subject to the approval of BICR and space availability.
c) All advertising shall be appropriate and consistent with the mission of BICR.
d) Priorities for space usage on bulletin boards shall generally be as follows:
i. BICR/BIM business and information;
ii. Non-profit community/recreation groups;
iii. Church and association notices;
iv. Citizen-oriented announcements.
e) Advertising will be positive in nature, appropriate for children and families, and generally promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and attitude.
f) Any group/organization interested in advertising in the BICR brochure will choose one age category for their advertisement to be placed under. Any additional categories will be charged according to “Schedule A”.
g) All advertising in the BICR brochure will have a distinct look that distinguishes it from BICR programs.
h) Fees for advertising in the BICR brochure are outlined in “Schedule A”.
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2. Signage
a) No political candidate or party election signs shall be allowed in BICR facilities or on BICR property. If a political candidate rents meeting space in a BICR facility, a notice of that meeting may be posted in the facility.
b) BICR retains the right to limit the number and placement of any and all signage.
3. Information Display
a) Wherever possible and practical, BICR shall permit the display to the public of information with recreation or general community interest themes.
b) Bulletin boards shall be used for recreation related, public non-commercial and sponsorship information only.
c) All information approved for display must be consistent with the BICR mission statement and be appropriate for families.
d) No notices shall be posted without permission of the BICR staff.